Praise God!

Through churches & volunteers worldwide, children receive Jesus’ love & forgiveness.

Operation Christmas Child’s The Greatest Journey discipleship course allow children and their families to learn to trust and walk with Jesus.

Check out the stats:


Prayer and Fasting Opens Hardened Hearts

(First-hand testimony from a sensitive country, the names have been changed)

Ilsa – retired English teacher& Prayer Coordinator of a Regional Team runs an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) Educational Center in a local village. She has the heart of a mother for every child and adult that comes to her center. 2,500 people live in the village. Ilsa distributes shoeboxes at her center and teaches The Greatest Journey discipleship program combined with English and dance classes. Everybody in the village respects “Aunt Ilsa.”

After a shoebox distribution last year, a little boy ran into his house, and joyfully proclaimed to his father, “Hooray, daddy! Jesus is our Lord!” His father, who serves as the religious leader in the village, got really angry and told his son to “shut up and never go to Aunt Ilsa’s Educational Center again.” When Ilsa heard, she immediately contacted all her prayer partners to pray and fast. The next week, the father brought his little son to the Center and asked if he could, please, observe The Greatest Journey lesson about the “Prophet” (referring to Jesus Christ). After the lesson, the father was invited for a cup of tea. He accepted, and after chatting about the weather and “present day morals” he cleared his throat and said: “Thank you very much. You are teaching these boys and girls the right things.”

“I believe,” says Ilsa, “that the time will come, when the whole family will be saved! Why am I so convinced? One of the boy’s aunts was my English student and she listened to the Word of God and prayed with the other kids. Now she works abroad to support her family. Every time she visits her village she pays me a visit. When this young boy proclaimed “Hooray, daddy! Jesus is our Lord!”, it was a blowup in this house! This brought salvation into the house of this religious leader who then became a “man of peace.” When I talk now with the father at the parents’ meetings, sometimes we discuss spiritual questions and he agrees that only Isa (Jesus) has the keys of Hades and of Death.”


Don’t forget we are still collecting items for the fall packing party come September.

June_ Toys Postcard

As always, please pray. . .

WEEK OF June 1-8: Australia

  • Praise God for a safe vision trip to Fiji/Cambodia where team members are able to see God’s mercy and movement there
  • Pray for more churches, schools and groups to pack shoeboxes in 2018; more team members to be trained/equipped
  • Pray for OCC launch events & conferences across Australia & New Zealand- motivated volunteers to be trained
  • Open eyes of pastors and church leaders to see the impact of shoeboxes for Evangelism, Discipleship and Multiplication

WEEK OF June 10-16: Canada

  •  Thank God for SW Ontario Regional Mgr position filled; unity/favor/protection for all regional teams
  • Praise God for many new OCC volunteers recruited during National Recruitment week.
  • Pray for Holy Spirit’s wisdom/ discernment for Field manager’s to recruit, select, equip, lead and develop volunteers.

WEEK OF June 17-23: Japan

  • Praise God for National partnership with a Christian book store & for 13, 527 shoeboxes packed
  • Pray for Holy Spirit to call local churches in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka to join OCC shoebox
  • Pray for Regional  Manager in Kanto and developing of prayer network nationwide

WEEK OF June 24-30 Germany

  • Praise for 6 Regional Connect Conferences where Germans heard and saw the impact of Gospel Opportunity Shoeboxes
  • Urgent Need-staff members, local volunteers and suitable location for Central Processing
  • Pray for many refugees that Germany is ministering to and to raise up the church and open doors for OCC.

We Love our Administrative Professionals! Day 2

Bedford Church of the Nazarene has been blessed with wonderful Administrative professionals through the ages.   Let’s get to know  ……

anitaAnita Whitn

Favorite Color:Blue

Favorite Food: Crab cakes

Favorite Restaurant: Red Lobster, Glenwillow Grille

Favorite Hobby: Reading, Bakin

Favorite Bible Verse;  Isaiah 40:31

One Place in the world I would like to visit: Italy

If I could have coffee with one person who is dead?: Corrie Ten Boom

One person alive I would like to have dinner with: Beth Moore (if Tim isn’t available :))

Most Influential person of my childhood: My Mom.  She began bringing me to church as an infant and introduced me to Jesus.

Who is the Most Valuable Life Lesson you ever learned?:  “Jesus is the best friend you could ever have”-Mom

Remember please give a them a big Thank You and some extra love when you see them next for all they do to keep our church running smoothly.

We love our Administrative Professionals!

National Professional Secretaries Week and National Secretary’s Day was created  in 1952 through the work of Harry F. Klemfuss of Young and Rubicam. Klemfuss recognized the importance and value of the secretarial position, to a company or business. His goal  in creating this day, was to encourage more women to become secretaries. (Nowadays, that would be both women and men). Using his skill and experience in public relations, Klemfuss, promoted the values and importance of the job that secretaries do. In doing so, he also created the holiday in recognition of the importance of secretaries.

The name of this special day has changed and evolved over the past few decades. Yet, the importance of recognizing these vital individuals  has continued to grow. The two new terms in use today are: “Administrative Professionals” and “Executive Administrators (or Admins)”. The two names sometimes mean different roles and responsibilities in different companies and organizations. Both are broader terms, that encompass more positions than the original “Secretary” role.

The name change recognizes and acknowledges that the role has changed significantly since 1952, and for the better at that. In Harry Klemfuss’ day, these positions were the realm of women. Today, you can find males in these positions.

Bedford Church of the Nazarene has been blessed with wonderful Administrative professionals through the ages.   Let’s get to know one of our two current ones.

DebbieDennis2016Debbie Dennis

Favorite Color:Blue

Favorite Food: I don’t necessarily have a favorite food.  Is Cotton Candy a food?

Favorite Restaurant: Montgomery Inn Boathouse in Cinti, Ohio

Favorite Hobby: I like to do counted cross-stitch

Favorite Bible Verse;  Matthew 6:25-26 & Psalm 105:4

One Place in the world I would like to visit: Australia

If I could have coffee with one person who is dead?: I don’t drink coffee 🙂 But I would like to take my dad to have coffee.

One person alive I would like to have dinner with: My husband 🙂

Most Influential person of my childhood: Of course everyone would probably say their mother but growing up in the church there were two people who influenced me a lot.  Besides my mom, when I was a child it was Wilma Gallup.  She was our children’s church leader.  She had 5 boys and twins girls but always seemed to care about me.  (Even after I had kids of my own.)  The other one would be Wilma Walker.  She was our young married Sunday school teacher.  If Mike and I had not been in her Sunday school class we probably wouldn’t be in the ministry today.

Who is the Most Valuable Life Lesson you ever learned?:  The most valuable lesson I have learned is to be content no matter where I am or what I am going through because God is in control and He is Enough.  And I have also learned (and I have this hanging up in our home) “There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for.

Tomorrow we get to learn more about our other great administrative professional.

More importantly please give a them a big Thank You and some extra love when you see them next for all they do to keep our church running smoothly.

Stay tuned!

Can you help us??

Don’t understand what a packing party is?   Check out this short video of a community packing and simply visualize our church doing something similar.

But we need your help!  This month we are gearing up to collect stuffed animals for the Operation Christmas Child (OCC) Packing party in the fall.

Parking Party April Postcard

As always,  please pray:

WEEK OF April 1-7: Sensitive Country

  • Praise for the OCC Connect Conference challenge- make God sized requests – praise/prayer the foundation
  • Thank God for safe arrival of 4 shipping containers. Pray for clearance and tax exemption for each container.
  • Pray for teams as they try to catch up due to late arrival of containers. Safety, and effective outreach events.
  • Thank God for political stability and a successful National Coordinator network. Pray for open hearts

WEEK OF April 8-14: Sensitive Country

  • Praise God for liberation of some areas/return home of Christian families.
  • Praise for container going to capital-Pray for unity & dependence on the Holy Spirit for New National Team
  • The Greatest Journey (TGJ) teachers to be wise & effective in making disciples. That many Children will grow in walk with Jesus
  • Pray our God, the Way Maker, to open opportunities to serve in areas before occupied by ISIS-change hearts

WEEK OF April 15-21: Sensitive Country

  • Pray for our awesome God to awaken spiritually family members who do not yet know Him.
  • Praise Jehovah Jireh(provider) for storage for incoming shoebox gifts. Ministry Partners got their boxes!
  • Holy Spirit pour out your anointing/protection on upcoming Outreach Events-Need Vendor to print TGJ
  • Praise God for team encouragement of Ministry Partners in spiritually dark city-wisdom/faith to persevere

WEEK OF April 22-28 Sensitive Country

  • Pray for young strong volunteers to help at Drop offs this fall. Young people to get excited about packing
  • Give the team working on TGJ app wisdom & discernment in choosing formats to make discipling effective
  • Praise God for new National Leadership Team this year; Pray for unity as a team, wisdom & encouragement of each other
  • Pray for Spirit’s wisdom & hearts dependent on Him for strategic planning for this country
  • Holy Spirit come! Comfort for team member- lost mother; protection for newlywed logistics coordinator

30 days of Prayer

What it Means to Pray in Jesus’ Name

Jesus gave us a tremendous promise in John 14:13-14,

“Whatever you ask in my name, this will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.”

So what does it mean to pray in Jesus’ name? Is it simply a ritualistic way to close each of our prayers out of habit? Or, is it a sweeping promise that we will get everything we ask for if we simply tag onto the end of each prayer “in Jesus’ name?”

To pray in Jesus’ name is first a matter of identity. It signifies that we realize that on our own we are spiritually bankrupt, but in Christ we are a new creation with full access to the Father’s throne. To pray in Jesus’ name means to offer prayer to God the Father through the work, righteousness, and merit of Jesus. In addition, to pray in Jesus’ name also means that we are praying with authority. Jesus has granted to every born-again believer the use and authority of His name when asking the Father of something. When we pray in Jesus’ name it’s as if Jesus Himself were making the request of the Father.

When we pray in Jesus’ name it also signifies that we are seeking God’s will above our own. This connection between our willing submission to God’s will and answered prayer is explained in 1 John 5:14-15, “And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us. And if we know that he hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests that we have asked of him.”

So, praying in Jesus’ name is not simply a cliché or catch-phrase that we tack onto the end of our prayers for good measure. When we pray in Jesus’ name it signifies our deep dependence on Jesus, our belief in God’s goodness and our understanding of our new identity in Christ.


This month as we begin our Operation Christmas Child collection for an ALL CHURCH PACKING Party coming this fall, let us also remember to pray.


Use the following requests as guidelines for each week in March.

WEEK OF March 1-7: Tanzania

  • Pray for Graham family-thank God for lives changed through obedience of Billy Graham to honor God
  • Pray to God for an awesome response from BCN as we kickoff our Packing Party collection.
  • Praise God for speedy receipt of Tanzania Drug and Food Authority permit to distribute OCC shoeboxes-huge deal/answer to prayer.
  • Pray for current clearing agent to be faithful in carrying out his duties with integrity and speed.
  • Pray for safety & success as National Leadership Team & Regional Managers travel to train Ministry Partners to use shoebox gifts for effective outreach

WEEK OF March 8-14: Togo

  • God anoint & flow through volunteers in Togo who sacrifice much to serve. Provide/protect/grant favor to them & family members.
  • Pray for Ministry Partners in Togo to understand/embrace OCC principles and handle resources to God’s glory.
  • For peace & tranquility in Togo so distribution of shoeboxes will go forward & gospel shared clearly.

WEEK OF March 15-21: Uganda

  • Thank God for National Leadership Team-wisdom, protection, favor- efficient distribution of shoeboxes.
  • Pray for our awesome God to awaken spiritually family members who do not yet know Him.
  • Praise God for new consignee/clearing agents in Uganda this season who are  both doing a tremendous job.
  • Jesus please provide tax relief for shoeboxes in Uganda and  steadfast strength for Ugandan Leadership Team
  • Holy Spirit direct prep for hosting 50 Vision Trip Volunteers in May.  Holy Spirit go forth and build excitement & celebration!

WEEK OF March 22-28: Zambia

  • Pray for new individuals/groups/churches/organizations to catch the vision for packing shoeboxes to share the gospel.
  • Pray for Prayer Team members in each county to raise up humble/specific persevering prayer for OCC.
  • Pray that the team working on The Greatest Journey Discipleship app will complete it soon to launch this year & that 1,000s be discipled.
  • Praise God for the National Leadership Team this year! Continue to pray for unity as a team, wisdom & encouragement of each other
  • Pray for spiritual/physical protection of leadership/volunteers/hosts during outreach events in Zambia.
  • Holy Spirit come to Zambia! Prepare hearts & make gospel clear/powerful-may thousands believe & be discipled

Back 2 School season means. . .

B2S.pngTime to think about getting involved with your community and volunteering.

Did you know that the South East Library offers a free Homework Center for students in grades k-8  every Monday through Thursday during the school year?  Volunteer to be a tutor from 4:00-5:15  or from 5:15-6:30pm and help a child with their homework.   Contact BCN’s own Linda Smith ( if you have questions, she is the South East Library’s HW center Co-ordinator and would love to talk to you about the opportunity.   Upper elementary Math tutors are especially welcomed.

Like younger kids??  Guess what this year, South East Library will be offering the highly successful program, 1-2-3 Read! as well and will need faithful volunteers too.  1-2-3 Read! is designed for 1st-3rd grade students who are at risk of not meeting the state mandated Third Grade Reading Guarantee.  1-2-3 Read!  provides free one-on-one tutoring in reading skills and small group tutoring with literacy games.  Training is provided and this program is offered from 4:14-5:45pm on Monday and Tuesdays at South East library and runs from late October through mid-May.

If interested in either of the above opportunities, all volunteers serving with children must be 14 years old or older, complete an application form, have a background check run and possibly attend a training session. Please visit the Cuyahoga Public Library website to begin the application process.

Don’t forget about the mentoring opportunities at Central Primary and Columbus Intermediate with  Kids Hope USA or Heskett Middle school with The Mentoring Network.


Check out our Pastor’s blog!

a quest

As I write this, my very first blog, I need to confess that I’m a little afraid.  I’ve resisted starting this for a long time.  My blogafobia stems from 3 negative possibilities 1) I will fail to be consistent. 2) that no one will want to read what I have to say.  3) people will read it and hate me.  I know, low self esteem!  But I can hear it now; “Another blogger?!?  That’s all we need!”.  So if you are reading this at all, thanks.

Fear seems to be what characterizes the U.S. right now.  It has always been lurking around backstage, but now has seemingly taken the spotlight, center-stage.  America, the “Home of the Brave” has seemingly become the “Home of the Terrified”.  I experienced the terror of the terrified recently when I wrote what I considered to be a kind of benign post on a…

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#HolyWeek Services 2017

Mark YOUR calendars!

INVITE a friend, neighbor or family member to one or all of the following services!

Maundy Thursday Service, April 13at 6pm

No Childcare will be available  but the nursery will be open for individual use.

Good Friday Service, April 14 at 6pm

No Childcare will be available  but the nursery will be open for individual use.

Easter Sunday Family Services, April 16 at 9:30am and 11am

Worship with us in service or in our “family room”(Sherman Hall)

No Sunday school will be available for any of the services but a staffed nursery will be provided for  children, birth-age 2.  Children age 3-6th grade should plan on attending service with their family.

#BedNaz2Guatemala 2017

The adventure is about to begin!!

Will you pray for us?


Click Guatemala Prayer Calendar 2017 for a downloadable pdf version of the above prayer calendar and distributed in the church bulletin on Feb 19!

We fly from CLE to Atlanta and then to Guatemala City.  Once in Guatemala City we travel by bus as shown below.


Once we arrive in Sayaxche’, we will now be working on the District Center that our team started in 2015. We will be pouring the floor, plastering walls, doing some electrical work and of course, the 3 Vacation Bible Schools which many of you brought supplies.

Please like our Facebook Page called BedNaz2Guatemala to stay updated.  We’ll post when we can but we will always need your prayers.

Other links to help you pray. . .

Coming June 2017. . .

…and One Heart Many Hands

Every four years, more than 20,000 Nazarenes from around the world gather for General Assembly and Conventions. Since 1993,  Nazarenes come to the city where the General Assembly & Convention occur several days before to SERVE the community.  This year more than 2,000 volunteers will gather to make a lasting impact on the city of Indianapolis in the week leading up to the 29th General Assembly.

If interested in participating in the June 18-23 One Heart Many Hands team from BedNaz, contact Theron Gamble or the church office.  Cost is $195 due by Jan 31 for project plus the cost of other cost of lodging and transportation.

General Conventions occur  June 21-23 for Nazarene Mission International, Nazarene Youth International and Sunday school & Discipleship  Ministries International where several from BedNaz have been chosen/elected to serve as a representative for our North Central Ohio District Church of the Nazarene.

This will be a  time when  global family comes together and  will include times worship, service, fellowship, training, and making important decisions that will affect future generations of Nazarenes. Activities like exploring the Exhibit Hall, attending workshops, meeting old and new friends at alumni events, and cheering on students in the World Quiz competition are just some of the many things to do at this memorable event!

Anyone can attend the convention worship services and there are opportunities to volunteer.  Livestreaming of the worship services will be available for anyone around the world to participate in the worship service as well.

The General Assembly is the “supreme doctrine-formulating, lawmaking, and elective authority of the Church of the Nazarene”.  Elected delegates  are evenly distributed between clergy and lay persons. Delegates for North Central Ohio Church of the Nazarene were elected at 2016 District Assembly held last July.  Elected delegates gather  June 24-30 for legislative sessions; business includes the election of general church leadership, ratification of resolutions, and enacting strategic legislation designed to facilitate the denomination’s engagement of global needs through compassionate ministries, education, and congregational development.

While voting is restricted to only those officially elected delegates, participation in the events of the General Assembly and Conventions is open to the general public.

Prayers are greatly appreciated as preparations for this quadrennial event, for all the logistics involved and for hearts to be changed due to our presence in Indianapolis during this time.