30 days of Prayer

What it Means to Pray in Jesus’ Name

Jesus gave us a tremendous promise in John 14:13-14,

“Whatever you ask in my name, this will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.”

So what does it mean to pray in Jesus’ name? Is it simply a ritualistic way to close each of our prayers out of habit? Or, is it a sweeping promise that we will get everything we ask for if we simply tag onto the end of each prayer “in Jesus’ name?”

To pray in Jesus’ name is first a matter of identity. It signifies that we realize that on our own we are spiritually bankrupt, but in Christ we are a new creation with full access to the Father’s throne. To pray in Jesus’ name means to offer prayer to God the Father through the work, righteousness, and merit of Jesus. In addition, to pray in Jesus’ name also means that we are praying with authority. Jesus has granted to every born-again believer the use and authority of His name when asking the Father of something. When we pray in Jesus’ name it’s as if Jesus Himself were making the request of the Father.

When we pray in Jesus’ name it also signifies that we are seeking God’s will above our own. This connection between our willing submission to God’s will and answered prayer is explained in 1 John 5:14-15, “And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us. And if we know that he hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests that we have asked of him.”

So, praying in Jesus’ name is not simply a cliché or catch-phrase that we tack onto the end of our prayers for good measure. When we pray in Jesus’ name it signifies our deep dependence on Jesus, our belief in God’s goodness and our understanding of our new identity in Christ.


This month as we begin our Operation Christmas Child collection for an ALL CHURCH PACKING Party coming this fall, let us also remember to pray.


Use the following requests as guidelines for each week in March.

WEEK OF March 1-7: Tanzania

  • Pray for Graham family-thank God for lives changed through obedience of Billy Graham to honor God
  • Pray to God for an awesome response from BCN as we kickoff our Packing Party collection.
  • Praise God for speedy receipt of Tanzania Drug and Food Authority permit to distribute OCC shoeboxes-huge deal/answer to prayer.
  • Pray for current clearing agent to be faithful in carrying out his duties with integrity and speed.
  • Pray for safety & success as National Leadership Team & Regional Managers travel to train Ministry Partners to use shoebox gifts for effective outreach

WEEK OF March 8-14: Togo

  • God anoint & flow through volunteers in Togo who sacrifice much to serve. Provide/protect/grant favor to them & family members.
  • Pray for Ministry Partners in Togo to understand/embrace OCC principles and handle resources to God’s glory.
  • For peace & tranquility in Togo so distribution of shoeboxes will go forward & gospel shared clearly.

WEEK OF March 15-21: Uganda

  • Thank God for National Leadership Team-wisdom, protection, favor- efficient distribution of shoeboxes.
  • Pray for our awesome God to awaken spiritually family members who do not yet know Him.
  • Praise God for new consignee/clearing agents in Uganda this season who are  both doing a tremendous job.
  • Jesus please provide tax relief for shoeboxes in Uganda and  steadfast strength for Ugandan Leadership Team
  • Holy Spirit direct prep for hosting 50 Vision Trip Volunteers in May.  Holy Spirit go forth and build excitement & celebration!

WEEK OF March 22-28: Zambia

  • Pray for new individuals/groups/churches/organizations to catch the vision for packing shoeboxes to share the gospel.
  • Pray for Prayer Team members in each county to raise up humble/specific persevering prayer for OCC.
  • Pray that the team working on The Greatest Journey Discipleship app will complete it soon to launch this year & that 1,000s be discipled.
  • Praise God for the National Leadership Team this year! Continue to pray for unity as a team, wisdom & encouragement of each other
  • Pray for spiritual/physical protection of leadership/volunteers/hosts during outreach events in Zambia.
  • Holy Spirit come to Zambia! Prepare hearts & make gospel clear/powerful-may thousands believe & be discipled

Back 2 School season means. . .

B2S.pngTime to think about getting involved with your community and volunteering.

Did you know that the South East Library offers a free Homework Center for students in grades k-8  every Monday through Thursday during the school year?  Volunteer to be a tutor from 4:00-5:15  or from 5:15-6:30pm and help a child with their homework.   Contact BCN’s own Linda Smith (LSMITH1@cuyahogalibrary.org) if you have questions, she is the South East Library’s HW center Co-ordinator and would love to talk to you about the opportunity.   Upper elementary Math tutors are especially welcomed.

Like younger kids??  Guess what this year, South East Library will be offering the highly successful program, 1-2-3 Read! as well and will need faithful volunteers too.  1-2-3 Read! is designed for 1st-3rd grade students who are at risk of not meeting the state mandated Third Grade Reading Guarantee.  1-2-3 Read!  provides free one-on-one tutoring in reading skills and small group tutoring with literacy games.  Training is provided and this program is offered from 4:14-5:45pm on Monday and Tuesdays at South East library and runs from late October through mid-May.

If interested in either of the above opportunities, all volunteers serving with children must be 14 years old or older, complete an application form, have a background check run and possibly attend a training session. Please visit the Cuyahoga Public Library website to begin the application process.

Don’t forget about the mentoring opportunities at Central Primary and Columbus Intermediate with  Kids Hope USA or Heskett Middle school with The Mentoring Network.


Check out our Pastor’s blog!

a quest

As I write this, my very first blog, I need to confess that I’m a little afraid.  I’ve resisted starting this for a long time.  My blogafobia stems from 3 negative possibilities 1) I will fail to be consistent. 2) that no one will want to read what I have to say.  3) people will read it and hate me.  I know, low self esteem!  But I can hear it now; “Another blogger?!?  That’s all we need!”.  So if you are reading this at all, thanks.

Fear seems to be what characterizes the U.S. right now.  It has always been lurking around backstage, but now has seemingly taken the spotlight, center-stage.  America, the “Home of the Brave” has seemingly become the “Home of the Terrified”.  I experienced the terror of the terrified recently when I wrote what I considered to be a kind of benign post on a…

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#HolyWeek Services 2017

Mark YOUR calendars!

INVITE a friend, neighbor or family member to one or all of the following services!

Maundy Thursday Service, April 13at 6pm

No Childcare will be available  but the nursery will be open for individual use.

Good Friday Service, April 14 at 6pm

No Childcare will be available  but the nursery will be open for individual use.

Easter Sunday Family Services, April 16 at 9:30am and 11am

Worship with us in service or in our “family room”(Sherman Hall)

No Sunday school will be available for any of the services but a staffed nursery will be provided for  children, birth-age 2.  Children age 3-6th grade should plan on attending service with their family.

#BedNaz2Guatemala 2017

The adventure is about to begin!!

Will you pray for us?


Click Guatemala Prayer Calendar 2017 for a downloadable pdf version of the above prayer calendar and distributed in the church bulletin on Feb 19!

We fly from CLE to Atlanta and then to Guatemala City.  Once in Guatemala City we travel by bus as shown below.


Once we arrive in Sayaxche’, we will now be working on the District Center that our team started in 2015. We will be pouring the floor, plastering walls, doing some electrical work and of course, the 3 Vacation Bible Schools which many of you brought supplies.

Please like our Facebook Page called BedNaz2Guatemala to stay updated.  We’ll post when we can but we will always need your prayers.

Other links to help you pray. . .

Coming June 2017. . .

…and One Heart Many Hands

Every four years, more than 20,000 Nazarenes from around the world gather for General Assembly and Conventions. Since 1993,  Nazarenes come to the city where the General Assembly & Convention occur several days before to SERVE the community.  This year more than 2,000 volunteers will gather to make a lasting impact on the city of Indianapolis in the week leading up to the 29th General Assembly.

If interested in participating in the June 18-23 One Heart Many Hands team from BedNaz, contact Theron Gamble or the church office.  Cost is $195 due by Jan 31 for project plus the cost of other cost of lodging and transportation.

General Conventions occur  June 21-23 for Nazarene Mission International, Nazarene Youth International and Sunday school & Discipleship  Ministries International where several from BedNaz have been chosen/elected to serve as a representative for our North Central Ohio District Church of the Nazarene.

This will be a  time when  global family comes together and  will include times worship, service, fellowship, training, and making important decisions that will affect future generations of Nazarenes. Activities like exploring the Exhibit Hall, attending workshops, meeting old and new friends at alumni events, and cheering on students in the World Quiz competition are just some of the many things to do at this memorable event!

Anyone can attend the convention worship services and there are opportunities to volunteer.  Livestreaming of the worship services will be available for anyone around the world to participate in the worship service as well.

The General Assembly is the “supreme doctrine-formulating, lawmaking, and elective authority of the Church of the Nazarene”.  Elected delegates  are evenly distributed between clergy and lay persons. Delegates for North Central Ohio Church of the Nazarene were elected at 2016 District Assembly held last July.  Elected delegates gather  June 24-30 for legislative sessions; business includes the election of general church leadership, ratification of resolutions, and enacting strategic legislation designed to facilitate the denomination’s engagement of global needs through compassionate ministries, education, and congregational development.

While voting is restricted to only those officially elected delegates, participation in the events of the General Assembly and Conventions is open to the general public.

Prayers are greatly appreciated as preparations for this quadrennial event, for all the logistics involved and for hearts to be changed due to our presence in Indianapolis during this time.


Christmas Fun for the whole family

Have  a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Wednesday, Dec 7 and Jan 4 at 6:45pm

Prayer one

Wednesday  Dec 21 and Dec 28

No activities scheduled.

Sunday  December 25 & Jan 1

  • One Family Service at 10:30am
  • Preschool & elementary children worship with their parents
  • A staffed nursery provided
  • Christmas day children are encouraged to come in their PJs.
  • No Sunday School
  • No NaCl at 6pm

Christmas Eve December 24

  • Candlelight Family Service at 6:00pm
  • No Childcare is provided but the nursery will be  open for individual use.

Children Activities

  • Dress Rehearsal for Jingle Jam-Put a Bow on it  & Childrens’ Christmas parties Sat. Dec 17 at 9am with SS parties to follow.  Contact Wendy Ley or Carol Davison if you have any questions.
  • Jingle Jam-Put a Bow on It and reception is Sunday, December 18 at 3pm. If your last name ends in A-M please bring fruits/veggies or cheese/crackers; N-Z please bring cookies or desserts.
  • Don’t forget 414U meets November 30 and continues through December 14 and the resumes again on Jan 10 at their regular times.  #PrayerOne is Wed Dec 7 & Jan 4 at 6:45pm

Youth Activities:

  • No Get Salty Small groups scheduled for Dec 23 and Dec 30.  Get Salty Wed small groups meets November 30 and continues through December 14 and resumes Wed Jan 11 at their regular times. Don’t forget about #PrayerOne on Wed Dec 7 & Jan 4 at 6:45pm
  • GetSalty’s New Years Eve, Eve Bash  is Friday, December 30 at 10pm and continues until Saturday, December 29 at 7 am. Cost is $30.   LOTS of Pizza, Fun N’ Stuff, Movies and Basketball!  Come prepared to have fun and bring friends!!!!!!!!

Adult Activities:

  • No Tuesday Night BSF Ladies Bible Study on December 21 or 28. BSF Bible Studies will resume regular meetings on Tuesday, Jan 10.
  • No Wednesday Night Discipleship scheduled for Nov 23, Dec 21 and 28. Remember #PrayerOne on Wed Dec 7 & Jan 4 at 6:45pm. Classes will resume on Wed Jan 11.
  • Life Group & Sunday School gatherings throughout the month of December & January.  Contact your Life Group leader or Sunday School teacher for dates & times.

Visit www.bcn.org or call 440-232-7440 for questions or more details.

Your Gift Brings Hope to the Lonely

On November 20, Nazarene churches throughout the USA  participate in a  Thank Offering for the World Evangelism Fund.  Here is an opportunity to celebrate the gifts God has given us. Not only do we look back and remember what God has done, but we move forward as we return to God that which He entrusted to us.
Why give to the World Evangelism Fund(WEF)?  Read how WEF helped Elinda and her family.
The world was a dark and sometimes hopeless place for Godson Bahabwa during the 12 years that he lived in the Osire Refugee Camp in Namibia.nambia
Violence that started in the Rwandan Genocide of 1994 spilled across the borders into neighboring countries, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where Bahabwa was growing up. Violence flared here and there for many years.
Bahabwa’s father was a pastor, who raised his own family also to worship the Lord. He often taught his children that even when life was hard, they needed to trust God and remain faithful in following Him. This message carried him through the darkest days of life in the refugee camp.
In 2003, when his village was attacked by rebels, Bahabwa’s father, mother and older brother were killed. He fled alone, until he found himself across the border in Namibia. There was a refugee camp there, housing many other people who were driven out of the DRC and neighboring countries.
Bahabwa was alone, without family or friends, living in a tent in a crowded camp for the next 12 years. The situation was so hopeless that his faith in God was severely tested.
“Sometimes we start to think is there a God around? Is this God that my father was worshipping and was preaching – was this the same God that can allow me this life?”
In those darkest moments when he questioned the very goodness of God, the words of his father came back to him: “You have to remain in your faith. Through hard moments and problems, God will one day reward us.”
In that camp, Bahawba met Rev. Domingo, a Nazarene pastor overseeing a nearby local church. He introduced the young man to the pastor and local church inside the camp. There, Bahabwa found a church home and a new family.  He assisted the pastor and led worship.
And he, like other members of the camp, found ways to sell small items in a market within the camp, making a little to support himself.
It was in this market where he met Elinda Felisberto from Angola. Back in their home country, Elinda and her family had been working in their garden when they noticed people running from the homes in their village. Acting quickly, she and her brother ran and took all the other brothers from their home and hid them in the brush outside the village. Her parents ran to join them. When they witnessed attackers burning the village, they ran for their lives.
“We didn’t know where we were going until we find some people in the district and they told us you are in Namibia,” she recalled, weeping. “We went inside Namibia and we gave ourselves to the police. They took us to the refugee camp where we stayed.”
Elinda’s family were not believers at the time. But they met a woman in Osire who was always encouraging them to have faith in God, and she shared scripture with them. Eventually they believed in Jesus and gave their lives to Him.
One day, Elinda and her mother went into the camp’s marketplace to shop. They stopped at the table where Bahabwa was selling his wares. He was friendly and engaged her in conversation. They began to get to know one another and soon he proposed. They waited until Elinda reached the legal age of 20 to be married and began their life together. They had two children.
This year, they learned from the United Nations Refugee Agency that they were next in line to receive visas and refugee status in the United States. The U.S. government decided to send them to Greensboro, North Carolina.
Domingo, now the district superintendent of the Church of the Nazarene in Namibia, contacted American missionaries Joe and Beth Heath, in South Africa, to see if they could help connect Bahabwa and his family to a Nazarene church in their new home.
“I sent an email to the pastors of the Nazarene churches in the Greensboro area explaining Godson’s situation and asking if one of them could connect and support Godson and his family,” wrote Beth on their ministry blog.
Bahabwa and his family arrived in Greensboro the first week of September with just two suitcases, and they prayed about which Nazarene church God wanted them to reach out to.
“When we were told we were going [to the U.S.], we were just asking ourselves, ‘Where are we going to in America? Are we going to meet our Nazarene church there? Are we going to meet nice people who understand us in that church?’ We were just having those doubts,” Elinda said.
After looking over the list of local churches and praying, they felt strongly that they should contact Southeast Church of the Nazarene.
About that same time, the Southeast Church’s pastor, Will Fields, had received a message that the family was coming, so he emailed them. Not having seen the email, they called Pastor Will Fields, left a message and then went to read their email. The couple were surprised and delighted to find the message waiting for them.
Fields gave them a tour of the town, and on Sunday introduced them to the congregation. The church has enthusiastically welcomed the new family, helping them acquire furniture for their apartment. One man, about to get married, gave his microwave and most of his cooking utensils, pots and pans to the family.
The Southeast Church of the Nazarene has a long history of missions involvement around the world, sending members and the pastor to Kenya, Swaziland and other nations to serve.
“We were starting to slow down and now it’s like God has brought the mission to us and now [the church has] a mission to the people around them,” Fields said.
Part of that is helping the Bahabwa family to become part of the church body and life.  Bahabwa is a musician, playing several instruments and writing songs. Fields would like Bahabwa to get involved in the music ministry of the church.
“I’m thinking about the call of God on his life, I believe God brought him here for a purpose,” Fields said.
Elinda says she is filled with gratitude to the Church of the Nazarene for embracing the family and welcoming them with love. ~Engage Magazine
Through your generous giving to the World Evangelism Fund, local churches have been established across Africa, including Namibia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Africa and the United States, where they are providing hope, a family and ministry to families such as Godson and Elinda Bahabwa, who have sought refuge and peace from war and violence.


Every person who has given to World Evangelism Fund is part of this story.  Thank you for your generous gift on Sunday, November 20 or give online by visiting the Give page.

Remember NO Wednesday Night Discipleship classes, 414U or GetSalty Small groups are scheduled for Wednesday November 23.  All activities will resume at their regular times on November 30.

Coming Sunday, November 6!!

keithmartinezKeith Martinez, Family Life Pastor of Jefferson Nazarene.

Come hear Keith’s testimony of how God delivered him from an alcohol addiction!!

Get a sneak peak  of Sunday by listening to the 3 minute testimony given on Softball Sunday at  #Nazarene National Softball Tournament in September.

Time: 6-8:15pm

Hosted by NaCl

Games, Hamburgers & Teen led worship included !!
*Pass the word – Invite a friend/parents/adults welcome!

ALL are Welcome!!!