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a quest

As I write this, my very first blog, I need to confess that I’m a little afraid.  I’ve resisted starting this for a long time.  My blogafobia stems from 3 negative possibilities 1) I will fail to be consistent. 2) that no one will want to read what I have to say.  3) people will read it and hate me.  I know, low self esteem!  But I can hear it now; “Another blogger?!?  That’s all we need!”.  So if you are reading this at all, thanks.

Fear seems to be what characterizes the U.S. right now.  It has always been lurking around backstage, but now has seemingly taken the spotlight, center-stage.  America, the “Home of the Brave” has seemingly become the “Home of the Terrified”.  I experienced the terror of the terrified recently when I wrote what I considered to be a kind of benign post on a…

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