Coming June 2017. . .

…and One Heart Many Hands

Every four years, more than 20,000 Nazarenes from around the world gather for General Assembly and Conventions. Since 1993,  Nazarenes come to the city where the General Assembly & Convention occur several days before to SERVE the community.  This year more than 2,000 volunteers will gather to make a lasting impact on the city of Indianapolis in the week leading up to the 29th General Assembly.

If interested in participating in the June 18-23 One Heart Many Hands team from BedNaz, contact Theron Gamble or the church office.  Cost is $195 due by Jan 31 for project plus the cost of other cost of lodging and transportation.

General Conventions occur  June 21-23 for Nazarene Mission International, Nazarene Youth International and Sunday school & Discipleship  Ministries International where several from BedNaz have been chosen/elected to serve as a representative for our North Central Ohio District Church of the Nazarene.

This will be a  time when  global family comes together and  will include times worship, service, fellowship, training, and making important decisions that will affect future generations of Nazarenes. Activities like exploring the Exhibit Hall, attending workshops, meeting old and new friends at alumni events, and cheering on students in the World Quiz competition are just some of the many things to do at this memorable event!

Anyone can attend the convention worship services and there are opportunities to volunteer.  Livestreaming of the worship services will be available for anyone around the world to participate in the worship service as well.

The General Assembly is the “supreme doctrine-formulating, lawmaking, and elective authority of the Church of the Nazarene”.  Elected delegates  are evenly distributed between clergy and lay persons. Delegates for North Central Ohio Church of the Nazarene were elected at 2016 District Assembly held last July.  Elected delegates gather  June 24-30 for legislative sessions; business includes the election of general church leadership, ratification of resolutions, and enacting strategic legislation designed to facilitate the denomination’s engagement of global needs through compassionate ministries, education, and congregational development.

While voting is restricted to only those officially elected delegates, participation in the events of the General Assembly and Conventions is open to the general public.

Prayers are greatly appreciated as preparations for this quadrennial event, for all the logistics involved and for hearts to be changed due to our presence in Indianapolis during this time.



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