We’re so glad you chose to visit us here, and we hope you’ll visit us in person soon! If you have any questions or we can do anything to make you feel more at home, please contact the church office at 440.232.7440 or by clicking here.

At BedNaz, we have felt that our vision can be expressed in three simple words – “Bring,” “Grow,” and “Serve.” We strive at BedNaz to minister through this vision in many different ways! We feel that all of our ministries fulfill a purpose under one or more classifications of “Bring, Grow, Serve.”

We exist to bring.
We bring people to Jesus. All we can do is bring our friends to Jesus and let Him do what he loves to do.
You can “bring” your friends to BedNaz on Sunday mornings,
or to one of our many special events throughout the year!

We exist to grow.
We grow into the people God has dreamed of us becoming.
There are many different ways that you can “grow” at BedNaz.

We exist to serve.
Jesus was a servant. He has instructed us to serve as He did.
Just as he came to serve and not be served,so should we seek to serve.
We have many ministries dedicated to “serving” our church and our surrounding community.



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