It’s Pastor Appreciation Month!


Clergy Appreciation Month is a special time that congregations set aside each year to honor their pastors and pastoral families for the hard work, sacrificial dedication and multiple blessings provided by these special people.

Our church board has selected October 4 and October 18  in which we will participate as a congregation in showing our appreciation for Pastor Mike Dennis and the staff in morning services.

On October 4, 2015 – Come “kickoff” Pastor appreciation month with a time of fellowship before the morning worship services.  A light breakfast of coffee, juice and pastries will be served from 8:00 A.M. till 9:15 A.M. in the gym. Feel free to bring cards and gifts of appreciation and placing in a bag with their name on it.  This will be an informal time of fellowship with no set agenda. Our church board asks that you plan to vacate to either a Sunday School class or slip into service and not “hang” around the lobby as to not create a distraction for those worshiping the first hour.  Please reach out to Sarah Pituch or Elisha Knox if you would like to provide a breakfast pastry/item for the fellowship hour.  These two ladies have graciously agreed to coordinate the food (Thank you both!).  It is the intent of the church board to not use church funds for the fellowship hour and your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

On October 18, 2015— During both services, a special surprise for Pastor Mike and Debbie will be presented that has been collected from the church congregation. Stephen Ley will be the point of contact for this special surprise . Should you not know Stephen, please speak to any board member, small group leader or Sunday School teacher. We would like to keep this day a surprise for  Pastor and Debbie, so please be mindful of your lobby conversations.

We as a board encourage you to make this a MONTH long celebration for Pastor by showering he and Debbie with cards of appreciation, gift cards, a homemade meal or even having them over for a cup of coffee and dessert. The church board also invites you to include the other staff members(Ernie Ley, Jaime Buxton, Matt Henry, Katie Campbell, Laura Skrebunas, Debbie Federico, Anita Whitney, Mark Varterella, Margaret George & Carol Harding)  in the showering of cards, meals and invites to show our appreciation for all that they do for Bedford Church as well. Please feel free to email/contact any board member listed below if additional information or clarification is needed.

The current board members are: Mike Cramer, Gary Whisenhunt, Sarah Pituch, Tim Whitney, Stephen Ley, Brandon Kimber, Theron Gamble(NMI President), Elisha Knox(NYI president) and Ken Moore(treasurer)

Come on church; Let’s show Pastor and Debbie and our staff how much we appreciate them and the season of ministry that God has called them to here at Bedford Church of the Nazarene!

Thank you in advance for your participation and generosity!

Stephen Ley

216-406-0069 (cell)


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